You Said I Didn’t Need You

You said I didn’t need you, but I do.

I need your smile, your laugh, and your kind words.
I need your good morning texts, your kisses, and your acceptance.
I need your thoughtfulness, love, and attention to detail.
I need your arms to hold me when I cry, your heart to listen, and to trust me.
I need your favor, your backing, and your belief in me.
I need your partnership, your give, and your take.
I need your forgiveness, your patience, and your grace.
I need your time, attention, and respect.
I need your friendship, your affection, and your good humor.
I need you with me.
I need you to love me.
I need you to care.
I need you to honor me, and respect me with your words.
I need you to see the good in me, and overlook the bad.
I need you to admire the life I live, and by inspired by it.
I need you to want to share your life, time, and space with me.
I need you to share our values, and our faith.
I need you to pray with me, for me, and over me.
I need you to believe the best in me, and trust me.
I need you to let me help you, care for you, and speak life to you.
I need you to be a partner, willing to compromise.
I need you to be the man I need.
I need you to need me too.