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13709882_10157051629280251_7920419434795679615_n.jpgThe most significant part of my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. Without Him, I would be lost, confused and broken. God drew me in and I surrendered my life to Him when I was a child. He’s carried me through many heartaches and challenges and continues to guide my life.

I first acknowledged a call from God when I was 10 years old. He put a love in my heart for people and a passion for studying the Bible and teaching others what I’d learned. I began teaching Bible studies when I was in 8th grade and continue to do so today.

In 2008, I experienced an undeniable call from God to write and publish for the Kingdom. I had just started my Master’s degree and had no idea when I would find the time to write a book! But God found the time. In July 2012, I began writing my first book, the true story of Angel Cortello whom I met when I lived in Alexandria, Louisiana. Angel had an amazing testimony of deliverance, and I desired to write a book for the Lord. Eleven months later, June 2013, we had the book in hand and I had officially established Our Written Lives.

Through the next year, I began working with independent authors to publish their books. I wanted to offer a financially feasible opportunity for authors to get access to professional publishing services and full distribution options. Our Written Lives now works with over 18 authors and continues to grow each month.

In November of 2015, I published my second book Called to Write, Chosen to Publish: 20 Inspirational Thoughts for Christian Writers. I published my third book, Facing Myself: An Introspective Look at Cosmetic Surgery the summer of 2016.

As I look back over my life, I can see the wonderful plan God has had all along. I give God all the glory for Our Written Lives and all the wonderful things He has yet to carry out.


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