My Annual “Single on Valentine’s Day” Post

I think I started writing a thought for singles on Valentines Day probably, I don’t know, 10 years ago? I usually share something I’ve learned about the true meaning of love, doing special things for other people, loving God, loving others, loving self. I recently saw a post about Dairy Queen honoring singles on Valentine’s Day with our own special Blizzard. Everyone is hoping on board the happily single train! And no doubt, there are a lot of things that a single can do to make Valentine’s Day special. But that’s not what I’m going to write about this year.

Last week I attended a Bible study in which a woman who has the gift of prophecy spoke a word into my life. I’m still pondering the meaning of it, and that’s what I’m going to write about this year.

She said, “You’ve outgrown your singleness.” I’ve never in my life had anyone say that.

Usually people say something about how I’m not trying hard enough, or how I am isolated where I live, or how I must be too picky, or they can’t think of anyone who is good enough to introduce to me. That’s the nice side of what is said. I’ve had some really mean things said to me too.

I’ve learned how to tune out their comments, but this new positive comment . . . I’m not quite sure what to do with it. She did clarify and say that she wasn’t meaning that I was going to get married – just that I had outgrown my singleness and that I need relationships to keep growing. She said some other spot-on things too, but I’ll keep those for another day.

What does it mean to outgrow singleness? To need relationships in order to grow?

I’ve come a long way on my own. I’ve grown as a person and I’ve grown in business. I’m still growing. I know the growth could become exponential if I had other people in my life sharing my vision, even one other person would make a huge difference in the growth.

This year I’ve officially started my Life Coaching business. I’m starting to reach out to others to share what I’ve learned. I’ve outgrown my singleness and it’s time to start reaching beyond my own growth, for the growth of others.

What about you? Whether you are single, dating, married, or in something complicated, have you outgrown you? If not, what areas do you still need to grow in? What areas do you have strength to share with the world?

We all have needs, but we all have something to give too. This Valentine’s Day, outgrow your singleness. Reach out to the world around you. Love. Be loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Walking by faith in pretty shoes

Over a year ago I was at a new friend’s house when I happened to notice a lovely pair of high heels in her office. “I love those! Are you selling them?” I asked. The answer was no, and my heart dropped just a little. I do have a weakness for pretty things!

A year later my friend texted me, “Do you still want the shoes? I’m selling them in my yard sale.” YES! I told her to put my name on them, and I would come and pick them up.

I’ve had them for a few months, but I haven’t had a chance to wear the shoes yet. I’m saving them for Easter. Today, my friend sent me a picture she had made playing around when she first started photography projects. My shoes were the featured centerpiece.


Now, onto my life lesson.

Sometimes we know what we want and what would work out great for our lives, and we ask the question, “Can I have that? Is it for me?” And God says, “No.” We still like what we like, and want what we want, but sometimes the timing is just off.

I completely forgot about those shoes my friend had until she texted me that day telling me they were available if I wanted them. I may have forgotten, but she remembered, and it made both of us happy to re-home those shoes!

That’s the way so many things in our lives are. For years, I’ve longed for certain things . . . Love, a family of my own, financial security, a place I could feel at home, a sense of belonging. When the answer was, “No,” over and over again, I pushed all thoughts of those things I hoped for out of my head. I didn’t think about them because I felt they were out of reach, and they were, and are.

Tonight I was at a Bible study where a prophetic word was spoken over my life. It was a confirmation to me about the direction God wants me to go in my life. The timing hasn’t been right, but the desire has been in my heart. I know the time is coming closer and that my life is going to change again. My heart is ready for what God has in store. When I get that “come and get it” text from God, I will go, and I will receive my blessing!

I don’t know when or how the next step will happen in my life; it’s a walk of faith. God has the shoes and the walking path ready. I just have to take a step and let Him lead the dance of my life. When walking by faith, I know I’ll be wearing beautiful shoes!

I have to go back to the theme verse for my publishing business, Our Written Lives:

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of “her” that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!”

God has given me the power to be a witness. Now it’s time to expand my tent, strengthen the tent stakes and go forth with JOY.