An Ocean

You came in like an ocean full of words
Beautiful words that swept me away
I drowned in the warmth of the waves of your love

You cradled me, lovingly holding my head above the water
You cared for me like I was yours
You loved me

And I loved you
Love never dies
But oceans quiet for a time before the seas start to roll again

You came in like an ocean full of words
Then you left without a single one
And I drowned in the silence as waves of grief rushed over me

When the storm calms, may we find each other alive and well
And may the ocean of love wash over our hearts again
My drifting, lost Love

One Reply to “An Ocean”

  1. I love you very much and praying God brings you comfort daily. I’m so sorry you are going through this but I know God has a plan.

    Love you!


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