I have a Life Coach; His Name is Jesus

I have a Life Coach; His Name is Jesus.

What’s a Life Coach? A Life Coach is someone who helps someone else overcome roadblocks in their life in order to reach their goals. My goal is to grow my business for the glory of God and His Kingdom. My obstacles are many, but with God guiding me I have no doubt I’ll reach my destination.

TheHopeCoachI recently interviewed for what many would consider an “amazing job” at a Fortune 500 international corporation. I was nervous as I waited for the interview and the nerves grew when I was escorted to a room with six people waiting to grill me and my resume. Overall, I felt like the interview was positive. They people were very nice, smart, respectful. At the same time, I didn’t really feel like I fit.

I sent a thank-you email as my job coach instructed me to. The hiring manager respectfully replied he was still interviewing candidates and they would notify me when they make their decision. I don’t expect to hear back anytime soon. I know in my gut I won’t be selected for the position, and I’m at peace with that. I don’t have an aspiration to make a ton of money, or to rise in leadership and be in competition for a higher paying job. Thinking about that world stresses me out. I wasn’t made for it.

Since my interview, I’ve done a lot of praying about what I am supposed to be doing for work. I feel at peace when think about focusing on my business. That peace is the spiritual confirmation I need to know I’m right where I need to be.

The rational part of me says I need to find a job and make enough money to pay all of my student loans off in a year (haha!)… I know that’s not going to happen. As I apply for job after job and the doors continue to slam shut, God continues to open doors for me through my business.

Today, I made some great contacts. It looks like I’ll be starting another book project soon! I have two potential books waiting for contracts with their authors and one potential ghost writing job. I have two freelance jobs I’m working on now and one book that is in the publication process.

I also just started a Life Coach certification course which I’ll use to teach classes in my community on life skills such as anger management, stress management, grief processing, self-talk, attitude, motivation and desire, goal setting, communication, time management and more. I will also be able to take on individual clients that want to work one-on-one to reach their goals.

Today I met a lady who runs a girls home in north Georgia; she has three life coaches on her staff. I am already making plans to go there to visit and observe, and to talk to the life coaches on staff. I can see how being a life coach and working with my publication clients goes hand in hand. It’s the missing piece to my business and career. It’s a good fit.

I’m so thankful for my Life Coach and the doors He opens for me. He provides for me daily and I have everything I need. Living for God – it’s amazing! I love the peace I have when I’m in the center of His will. I don’t have to make anything happen; God will guide and open the doors.

Rachael Hartman is an experienced writer and author. She has worked as a full-time newspaper reporter, and as a freelance contributor to magazines. She writes high school Sunday school material for Word Aflame Press as well as lessons for Project 7 (P7) student-led Bible Clubs, Link247. She enjoys health and exercise, reading, art, and playing with her two dogs Darla and Danny. She owns Our Written Lives of Hope, an online bookstore and publishing house in which she helps others share the message of the hope of Jesus Christ and promotes holistic health. Check out her web site at www.owlofhope.com and link to her on Facebook.

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