The Bible & Art

I’m not the greatest artist, but I’ve always had a love for art. It’s fun. Art was my favorite class growing up in school. It didn’t matter what we were doing, I enjoyed it.

As an adult, I moved away from art and started focusing more on writing. I learned I could better express myself through writing and I was pretty good at it – though not the best. I still continued to paint on occasion, but I started using the computer as an outlet for creativity.

This year, however, I am returning back to some of the simpler days when it comes to my Bible reading time. I know I learn best when I hear and write information down, so as I am listening to the Bible read aloud via the net, I am handwriting a focus scripture.

Along with my handwritten scripture, I am creating a doodle art to reinforce the message of the scripture. It’s not the greatest art, but it helps to stick in my mind.

I’ve been sharing these doodles on my Facebook page, but I wanted to share them here on my blog as well.

I want to encourage you as well. Step out of the box when it comes to meditating on the scripture. Do what works for you, and something that you will enjoy. Reading the Bible doesn’t need to be a chore on your to-do list, but something that feeds your spirit.

May God bless you and take you into a Brighter Day today!

UntoUsASonIsGiven.jpgRestlessnessToRest.jpgCoverTheEarth.jpgDesertHighway.jpgQuiet.jpgCurdsAndHoney.jpgActs 17.24-28.jpgGodIsMySalvation.jpgAriseShine.jpgRedeemedCity.jpg

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