Walk Into My Wind

When I was in Texas the Lord spoke to my heart about some situations I was praying about. I was taking a walk at a park while I was praying. I saw a dandelion—the kind that people pick up and blow the seeds into the wind and make a wish with.

The blowable dandelion is the official flower of the Military Child. It represents how a small part of our hearts are left everywhere we have ever lived (I grew up in a military family and we moved a lot).

So, I picked up the dandelion and was praying about those situations. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Walk into my wind and I will blow everything that doesn’t belong in your life out of your life.”

As I walked, the seeds of that dandelion were blowing away with the wind. The flower ended up left with just a few seeds and the core of the stem.

That’s what happens when we seek after God. A lot of our thoughts and ways will be blown away from us as we draw closer to God. He takes us to the core of who we are and says, “I’m going to make something of you. Trust me. I am going to take you places you never knew you could go. I have a plan for your life. But it takes getting down to the core of who you are.”

God bless you.


4 Replies to “Walk Into My Wind”

  1. Amen. I can relate being a Military spouse myself and moving everywhere. God is awesome in all of his infinite wisdom and the way He expressed his desire to fulfill your prayers was beautiful.

      1. Wow Rachael! Beautiful thoughts on this service brats favorite flower! I love how God can use the simplest of flowers (weeds even) to speak to us and through us! Thank you for allowing Him to use you!

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