Letter #25 to a Woman in Prison

Letter #25 of 36. Each woman who attends the prison ministry weekend will receive a handwritten letter from each volunteer. Please pray for us as we prepare for the weekend.


Dear ______,

My friend posted a funny story on Facebook today. Her neighbor, who has been banned from coming over to my friend’s house, went to their other neighbor and complained that he could smell their dog’s poo from that morning. He was complaining that he smelled it coming from their yard – it wasn’t even in his yard!

The other neighbor then texted my friend’s husband letting him know what the complaining neighbor said. My friends just had to laugh at the text. You see, they’ve been going through some very terrible things–cancer in three family members, one passing away–and here was their neighbor coming up at the worst possible time and complaining their dog had pooped.

Why is it that some people complain about petty things in life that don’t even matter? They make a big deal and try to control other people, making everyone around them miserable.

I sent my friend a text with Proverbs 25:17. It says, “Seldom set your foot in your neighbor’s house, lest he become weary of you and hate you.”

If you have a neighbor like my friend’s neighbor, I’m sorry. If you are a neighbor like my friend’s neighbor, I’m praying you will heed the wisdom of Proverbs 25:17.

Either way, run to God and talk to Him about what’s wrong in your life. Bring the people that get on your nerves to the Lord. Ask Him to soothe your frustrations and to give you peace and patience to ride the situation out. It will not always be like that. Things will change.

Praying for you in Jesus’ Name,

Rachael Hartman
Proverbs 25:17


I’m raising money to help pay for this weekend. $150 will pay for one female inmate to attend the Kairos prison ministry I’m volunteering at.

If you would like to donate to the prison ministry, it needs to be in the form of a check made out to: KPMI (which stands for Kairos Prison Ministry International). In the memo put: Pulaski, GA. You can mail it to me, Rachael Hartman, at: PO Box 501, Bloomingdale, GA 31302. If you want a tax credit, include your full name and address on a note and they will mail you a tax receipt.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers! Every $5 goes to pay for a meal for one of the inmates that weekend. The meal will have a tag with your name on it. And we will have a paper chain link that will also have your names on a link to show that you have prayed for and invested into the weekend. Praise God for what He will do! Please keep me in your prayers as I will be speaking on Obstacles to Accepting God’s Grace, and sharing part of my own testimony in the process.

To add your name to the prayer chain (which will be visualized with a paper link chain – your name will be on one link) please leave a comment below. And please pray for Kairos #40 ~ Pulaski Women’s State Prison in Georgia. Kairos weekend happening August 25-28, 2016.

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