It’s good to know when to stop.

We have zero power over how others view themselves or us. We have zero power over how others handle their inner traumas. We can strive to make amends or to clarify, but we have zero power over if the other person will listen or respond.

But we do have the power to stop. We can stop trying when someone actively resists everything we are. We can stop commenting when everything we say is misconstrued. We can stop attending when we are disregarded or pushed away. We can stop opening ourselves to behavior that makes us uncomfortable.

It’s vital to know when to stop.

If you keep going and don’t heed the warning signs, you will get run over. You will hurt yourself and or others. You will damage relationships to the point of no return. You will regret not stopping if you don’t stop.

You have to stop trying. Stop fixing. Stop caring. You have to focus on you and what God has put in your hands. That is all you have to do.

But one thing to never do, is never stop loving you. Never stop believing in you. Never stop trusting your gut. Never stop standing up for yourself. Never stop fighting the lies. Never stop caring for you. Because you are the only one who will be there until the end of every day, every moment, and every breath you take.

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