An excerpt from “Called to Write; Chosen to Publish,” by Rachael Hartman

Hello, Friends. I’m working on a free e-book I’ve titled “Called to Write; Chosen to Publish.” I’d like to share a quote from what I wrote tonight. The e-book will be available via my websites and is an inspirational resource for writers. Let me know what you think; leave a comment and encourage me as I write for you . . .

What you write may be the key for someone to unlock understanding; it may be one more step in the right direction; the one more breath of fresh air they need. The words you write may be the bone marrow match for a reader’s situation, the water they need to live another day, the money to pay a bill.

So write.

Write, even if millions of people have access to the words, but only hundreds read it.

Write, even if writing bares your soul and you’re left alone and exposed.

Write, for your life was meant to bring the hope of Christ to those who know and read it.

And so, God provided “Our Written Lives of Hope . . .”

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