Rachael and the “What If Monster”


whatifToday I received a What If Monster plushie and book from my friend, Naomi Havens. Naomi facilitates giving these books and plushies out to military families. It’s a therapeutic book that helps us deal with fear, anxiety, and other issues. If you’re nowhatifbookt familiar with the book, I highly recommend it. It’s great for everyone, no matter your age!

This gift was truly right on time. I have an incredible opportunity that I’m pursuing, and though I know it’s a great thing and I’m really excited, I’ve been dealing with some “what if’s” . . .  so, I’m going to write my own What If poem! It’s short, but here it goes!

Rachael and the What If Monster

What if you go and no one likes you?
What if you’re lonely and become unglued?
What if they think that you look really young?
What if they think that you’re not much fun?

What if you get stuck in traffic and come in late?
What if everyone around is filled with hate?
What if you get hurt and your heart gets broken?
What if your words get trapped inside, unspoken?

I’ve had a What If Monster talking to me for a while now.
It gives me a headache the size of a brown cow.
My What If Monster whispers words of fear all day long.
The thing is, what if he’s wrong?

What if I go and everyone likes me?
What if lots of friends invite me to tea?
What if they think I look great for my age?
What if they think my life is all the rage?

What if I’m stuck in traffic, but still get all the work done?
What if everyone around is filled with love?
What if I find happiness and my heart becomes full?
What if the truth I speak gives me lots of pull?

The What If Monster is always making sounds,
But what if I turn his “what if’s” all around?
What if the next adventure is really great?
What if good things are so close they can’t wait?

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